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Web Development

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This dashboard enables to easily access all the things you need while developing a website:

  • Manage project tasks
  • Open website mockups with your image editor
  • Open the project with your code editor
  • Start the development server and watch for project file changes
  • Build the production version
  • Browse project files
  • Backup project files
  • Site update checklist

Dashboard Configuration

Dev Watch Button - Commander Widget that launches the development server and starts watching for project file changes.

Build Button - Commander Widget that compiles the production version of the website.

Backup Button - Opener Widget that opens a batch file backing up the project files.

Edit Code Button - Opener Widget opening the project with a code editing tool.

Edit Design Button - Opener Widget opening the website mockups with an image editing tool.

Project Files - File Explorer Widget cofigured to show the contents of the project folder.

Update Checklist - To Do List Widget reminding on what to do on each publishing iteration.

Project Manager - Webpage Widget embedding a project manager (Trello Board in this example).