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Gather all the things you need for your work in one place, using widgets grouped by projects and workflows, and have a quick access to them with a Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+F key press or a tray icon. Easily switch between workflows, and stay focused on current things you need to do.

This is a home page for the new version (v2) of Freeter, which is rewritten from scratch as a free open-source software and currently on Alpha stage. Check out About page @ Patreon to read the story behind the v2.

The landing page for the new version is not ready yet. Please check the Freeter v1 homepage and the following links, to get more information on what it does and how it works:

About Widgets

Freeter v2 does not have all the widget types of Freeter v1 yet, but they will be added gradually.


Often need to access same websites & web apps, such as a task manager, a social media account, a web mail, a messenger, and so on? Use the Webpage widget to have them opened in your workflow tabs.

Customize "Session Scope" to specify how the session data should be shared between webpage widgets. This is useful when you want to use a web app with multiple accounts.

"Show Mobile Version" feature will show a compact mobile version of the website/web app, when it's supported. It's useful when you have multiple widgets on a workflow tab and want most of a webpage's useful content to fit a smaller area.


Notes widget is to store quick notes related to a project, such as thoughts, ideas or another important information you need to keep in front of you.

It also can be useful when your workflow involves retyping the same messages or information again and again. Use this widget to make a text snippet that can be copied to the clipboard with a mouse click.

Recent updates

January 25, 2024