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The smartest way to work on your computer.

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Switch between tasks and projects like a super hero

Gather all the things you need for work in one place and have a quick access to them.


Work on multiple projects

Freeter lets you work on as many projects as you want. Use the project dropdown to easily switch between them.


Upgrade your workflow

Use Freeter widgets to setup a dashboard giving you a quick access to all the things you need to work on a project.

Dashboard Examples


Structure your workflows

Working on a project that involves multiple different workflows or sub-projects? Split it into multiple dashboards and navigate between them using tabs.

To-Do List Widget

Quickly organize to-do lists

Stop thinking about your tasks. Let the to-do list widget remember them for you.

Webpage Widget

Access web apps and pages

Often need to open web apps, such as a task manager, a social media account, analytics, messenger, and so on? You can easily access them directly from dashboards using the webpage widget.

Embedding Web Apps

Opener Widget

Open files and folders

Use the opener widget to quickly open project files and folders with your editing programs.

Commander Widget

Execute command lines

If you need to always execute the same command lines, such as «gulp watch», «nginx restart» and so on, then use the commander widget to execute them with an easy mouse click.

File Explorer Widget

View a folder tree and open files

File explorer widget enables you to easily navigate through project files and folders, and open them.

Text Widget

Store text snippets

Need to write a quick note related to your project? Having to retype same messages or information again and again? Use the text widget to place them on a dashboard, then copy-paste the snippets with a mouse click.

Web Search

Search the web like a ninja

Use the searches helper tab to easily search through the web using predefined search scopes.

The super-power is literally at your finger tips

Just press the Ctrl+Shift+F hotkey to access Freeter from anywhere.

For Windows 7 or later | Other platforms

Kind words from happy users

Made by a freelancer

Being a freelance developer I work on many projects and have multiple things I need to access all the time. Switching back and forth between them was a huge mess. That's how I came to the idea to create a tool that helps to organize the things and work with less pain.